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The Montessori Benefits

Rainbow Little Waltham

Tufnell Hall, The Street, Little Waltham, Chelmsford, Essex CM3 3NY
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Department of Education Survey

All children do significantly better at school if they have been to a good nursery" - Department for Education Survey, November 2004.

It is widely recognised that children that have received a good nursery education have an excellent start when moving to their full time school. On average, the Department for Education found that seven-year-olds who had received a pre-school education scored 30% higher in English and Maths than those who had not, and 50% higher if they had attended a high-quality nursery from the age of two.

The Survey also found that nurseries were particularly effective if they had an "instructive learning environment" - simple play was not enough and children greatly benefited from being taught reading and maths by trained teachers. Seven key features of the most effective nurseries were identified:

"Shared thinking" - where adults and children work together

An equal balance between staff and children in initiating activities

Staff have a sound knowledge of what they are teaching

Staff include properly trained teachers

Play activities are freely chosen but are also combined with teaching

Parents are fully engaged in their child's learning

Children are encouraged to behave well.

They could have been describing Rainbow Little Waltham!

Rainbow Little Waltham

We achieve The Department of Education Survey Results by using the world-renowned Montessori education system - but do not be afraid of the word Montessori. If you know nothing about it, please do come and see the nursery in action. You will see the mixed aged groups of children, which provide a natural family setting, enabling the younger children to learn from the older ones and not just the teacher. You will observe the aesthetically pleasing and orderly classroom enabling the children to find the materials they need and replace them after use.

Come and see the affection and respect given to the children and how we demonstrate each piece of material, allowing the child all the time they need to repeat and perfect their use of the material. Notice how the children appear happy, self directed and engaged in many activities without direct teacher involvement.

We are passionate about making Rainbow Little Waltham a fun, safe and stimulating place for your family. We know that you want a nursery school that really cares for your child - in the way that you do.

We believe that involving parents and keeping you informed is an important feature of our nursery school and so you will receive regular newsletters and updates as well as the opportunity to join us on school trips and events. We also hold regular "Parents Days" to chat to you about your child's progress and all of our children are assigned to a "Key Worker" who will talk to you regularly about how your child is getting on.

We are passionate about making Rainbow Little Waltham a fun, safe and stimulating place for your family. We know that you want a nursery school that really cares for your child - in the way that you do.

The Montessori Benefits

The founder of this highly successful teaching method, Maria Montessori, was a doctor and developed her teaching methods to allow the child freedom to learn within a prepared environment. Her philosophy enables the child to build independence, confidence and social skills by taking the child through a progression of social and practical tasks. The child is able to work at their own pace to allow their full potential to shine through and develop. This will be achieved by encouraging the child to work individually or in groups. Montessori materials encourage the children to learn in various different fields:

Practical Life - Skills such as pouring, sorting, threading.

Sensorial - Developing the five senses.

Maths Development - Using rods, counters and beads.

Language Development - Practising phonic sounds and using words and letters.

Cultural - Learning about the world we live in.

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